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A Hug Is Not Duct Tape, It Can’t Fix Everything

Hedge100918Those little droplets coming off Verne’s head are called stresslets.

I may or may not have just made that up.


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Fake News

Hedge08062018These are not the facts you’re looking for.

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The One We Got Wrong


To our credit, we weren’t alone. Almost no one (except for Scott Adams) got this right. And he was right because he said the election wasn’t about issues it was about fear. And fear is a powerful (maybe the most powerful) motivator. Okay, I buy that, but… I do think facts win out in the end. That end is now two to four years away. America is an experiment that never quite resolves. Yesterday we took a giant step backwards because most of America is frightened of the future.┬áBut the future will happen anyway. And trying to hold it back is a waste of effort.



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When the Shih Tzus Hit the Fan

oh160820Sorry for the late update. Internet was out all day yesterday. Ever since Verizon gave way to Frontier we’ve had problems. Slow and sporadic. #frontierfail

Anyhoo… This cartoon really brought out the right wing invective over on gocomics.com. I don’t get it. Hilary isn’t perfect. Or am I, or you for that matter. But Trump. C’mon. It’s really no comparison. He’s got shih tzu all over him.*

We will now take a break from politics and return tomorrow to our regular silliness.

*T added the shih tzu bit at the end. He has a soft spot for those barking mop tops.

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