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So You Want to be a Performance Artists

oh160826Yeah, Trump actually said that when being briefed by advisors on nuclear weapons policy.

I actually don’t think Trump is a performance artist. I think he’s a performer who saw an opportunity to extend his brand by running for President. He never expected to win the nomination. And I don’t think he either expects or WANTS to win the general election. However, he does want to exploit his supporters into some sort of media empire that he can make money on.

A great movie that speaks to the Trump phenomenon is “Being There.” staring Peter Sellers as a simple-minded gardner that captures the imagination of the public as some sort savant. It’s an example of how people see want they want to see. Ask yourself why Trump’s ideas are so vague. The second he starts to get specific (re: his “softening” on immigration) all hell breaks lose with his supporters.

Here’s a clip from “Being There.”





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Rules of the Hedge

oh141201This is also pretty much the movie in four panels.


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Johnny Depp Explains What He Was Thinking

oh130724I haven’t see The Lone Ranger, but it sounds like a real mess. I’m acquainted with one of the writers, so I’m anxious to hear what happened behind the scenes. Train wrecks like The Lone Ranger have many causes. Most likely there was a lack of consensus on tone and style. These huge tentpole movies are made by committee. And committees aren’t known for having a coherent, consistent singular vision.

Another explanation is that it’s really, really hard to make a great movie. Too many things can go wrong. When it happens it’s like a happy accident.

When it doesn’t…

…crap happens.


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Catapult All the Stupid People Into the Sun

oh130723The other problem with Verne’s film is that that the only people left will be Verne and me. And I’m not dancing with Verne.

He won’t let me lead.

And then there’s the whole body slime issue.



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Whizz-N-Bleach: Kills Mold Guys Dead

In High Noon, (1952) Gary Cooper (as a retired marshall who’s just married), faces a show down against Ian MacDonald, a man he’d sent to prison years earlier.  Cooper tries to get the town he’d protected for years to help him.  They refuse.  The clock ticks down to noon when the train carrying MacDonald is due to arrive. Will Cooper face MacDonald alone?  Or will he flee with his new bride?  Tick-tick-tick-tick…

Today’s cartoon is nothing like High Noon.


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Lucky Punks

The Super Bowl Clint Eastwood Chrysler ad was fascinating for a couple of odd contradictory reasons.  First, Chrysler wouldn’t exist without your and my tax dollars (and Fiat).  And second, Eastwood, a republican, is almost the living personification of  American individualism.

What was Eastwood trying to say?  It sounded to me like the message was if we work together we can do anything.  We can even save a car company that produced the 2002 Dodge Stratus that has a tendency to lose it’s front bumper every time it bottoms out on a steep driveway (full disclosure: my daughter drives one and I’ve reattached that bumper many times).

I happen to think it was probably a good thing that we saved Chrysler (despite the bumper, the Stratus has been pretty reliable).  America is both a land of opportunity and second halves.  And second (third, forth, fifth) chances.  We will come roaring back.

But not without help.

Back in the 70’s, Eastwood played a rogue cop that pointed a Smith & Wesson at a suspect and said, “…ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Well, do you punk?”  A couple of years ago he played a misanthrope retired auto worker who overcame his prejudices to help his immigrant Hmong neighbors survive in modern day Detroit.

Clint’s evolved.  And I think so have we.  Do I feel lucky to live in a country that is slowly, grudgingly, ever-so-reluctantly starting to realize we’re not at our best when we’re  just collection of loose cannons firing randomly in the dark?

Yeah, I do.

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War Raccoon: Spielberg Got It Wrong

Anotherbozo over at comics.com commented, “this strip goes anywhere it damn well pleases. and I keep coming back!”

Over the Hedge:  Equal opportunity masochistic enablers since 1995.  And sock puppets!


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