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Cleavage Catch

oh161230I don’t think all the folks Trump wants to deport will have such a soft landing. Just saying.

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Please Welcome Our Future Insect Overlords

oh161229“See, we don’t need no stinkin’ punchline,” said the writer who now wishes he had written a punchline.

Once again: onward.


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Mission Creep

oh130911A lot of problems with today’s strip. RJ’s “brilliant” feels sarcastic when it isn’t meant to be. It should be in bold with an explanation point. Izzy’s “attack!!” should be bigger. We should have squeezed down the first and third panel to make room for a third interior panel to stretch out the push in on the marching ants. The punch line is fine, but the set-up is muddled.

We feed this beast everyday. Sometimes it stays down. Sometimes it comes back up.



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The Return of the Queen

oh130910Here comes the cavalry complete with fruit basket head gear and royal plural attitude. Izzy suffers no one, least of all picnickers. Let them eat cake?

Not on her watch.

<cue Ride of the Valkyries>


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This Old Sponge Brick

oh130511Glad to see Queen Ida back for a brief reappearance. I missed her. You know, in the way you miss a bad cold or head lice or shingles.

Her hat’s cool though.

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Attack of the Fashionistas

For those of you living in northern climes (or foreign climes),  the bite of a sartorially enraged fire ant is nothing to sneeze at.  It ?!@#^!! hurts!  And then it itches like hell and then it gets all pustular and then it erupts (after you scratch it, because it still ?!@$$!! itches like hell) and then as you can see below YOU’RE SCARED FOR LIFE!

On second thought, that tiny scar might have been from when I accidentally jabbed myself with a pencil after a particularly angry Angry Birds session.

Never mind.




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The One With the Tiny Elephant

Over the Hedge

Sometimes our comic makes sense.  And sometimes it takes a u-turn loop-da-loop to WTF-town.

Clearly I was drinking when I wrote this.

The elephant is cute though.


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