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All the Polysorbate 60

Hedge050820Smart cow.

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Where Babies Come From (Hammy Safe)

Over the Hedge

Over the Hedge

Very impressive.

Marie, I mean.


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French Judges Are the Worst

oh140111I apologize to the two cows from Orlando.

You know who you are.

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Verne Is From Mars, The Arm Is From Venus

oh130130I stole today’s title from Digital Frog over at comics.com. 

I like to think my creative thieving is a sign of generosity. I generously admit when someone comes up with a better/funnier idea than I can.

I’m able to do this because a long, long time ago I was bit by a radioactive weasel that gave me superpowers of rationalization.

P.S.:  Nice strategically located Louvre bar today.

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The One That Was Rewritten By Elves

I didn’t write the “You used to my hero” line.  Because it’s sarcastic and Hammy isn’t sarcastic.  It’s also pretty mean and Hammy is never mean.

Elves rewrote me again.  I had Larry on Hammy’s head say, “Desperation is never funny.”  Then Hammy says, “Except in France.”  It’s a little hip for the room, but it’s stronger than, “you used to be my hero.”

I’m open to suggestions about how to deal with the Elves.  Reasonable appeals to consult before publication fall on deaf ears. Yelling and screaming don’t work.  I’d kill them, but I don’t think our state’s “stand your ground” law would apply.

Then again, I live in Texas.


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