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Live Free or Pie

oh160921Today’s doesn’t really make sense. But it’s too cool not to use. And it’s sort of accurate. Technically a Twinkie is a snack cake. But snack pie is close enough for government and cartooning work.

Live Free or Pie ©2016 Michael Fry. All Rights Reserved.


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La Guerre Des Petits Gateaux

oh150205Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to eat.

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RJ Defends “Blow Stuff Up, But Not Your Fingers Day”

oh130702Freedom’s just another word for no fingers left to lose.

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Top 5 Reasons Brittany From Glee Would Make a Great President

5.   She doesn’t just think she can dance.  She can dance.

4.  Cheerleader look secretly popular in countries that hate us for our freedoms.

3.  Supports marriage for all gay sharks (dolphins).

2.  Can’t wait to say, “Ich bin ein eyeliner.”

1.  Completely harmless.


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I Pee Therefore I Am

Over the Hedge

I live out in the country on the edge of the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone.  To the west of us development is limited to preserve green space so rainwater can recharge the aquifer unabated by concrete, sub-divisions or strip centers.   This leaves the view on my back deck unobstructed by nothing worse than a few cell phone towers, a dozen or so shrub eating cows, a black buck (antelope with the corkscrew antlers) and his harem of females,  a herd of axis deer and the occasional feral pig or two.   Really nice for us and our property value.   But the thing I really like about our isolation is I can indulge in my favorite immodest pastime without fear of arrest.

I like to pee off the back deck.  

In this age where the exclusively male role has been reduced to Continue reading


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