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So You Want to be a Leisure Artists

oh130128No, I don’t know what happened to winter.  Yesterday the hot tub was frozen, today there’s green grass.  As you know, dear reader, I do not draw the strip.  Some guy in Omak, Washington with seasonal reflective disorder draws it.  He suffers from a cumulative brain injury brought on by years of abusing Excedrin to stay up late to make deadlines.  Basically, he gets his seasons confused.  Also, he confuses his hat and shoe size.  And sometimes he thinks he’s Judy Garland.  But only the Wizard of Oz years.

We should all be patient with him.  A little green grass in January is a small price to pay for years of furry hijinks.

BTW, Furry Hijinks is his porn name.  But let’s just keep that between you and me.

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