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Thank you, Bob

Do you ever wonder about the first person who said, “Check out this milk I stored in a cow’s stomach.  It’s all clumpy. I think I’ll separate the clumpy parts from the watery parts, add some salt, press the result into a mold and let it sit for a few days, weeks, months or years and then eat it.”?

It’s probably the same person who said, “I’ll let this barely germinate a little, but not too much, then roll it a little, but not too much, then soak the rolled barely in hot water to release the sugars, then add some hops for flavor and boil the result for a little while, but not too long, then cool what’s left  a little, but not too much, then add yeast, then let sit for a few weeks, but not too many, then filter the result and drink it (a little, but not too much).

I’m going to say his name was Bob.

Thank you, Bob.





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