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Can Squid Drown?

oh160827A lot of folks over at gocomics.com/overthehedge want to see the self-portrait.  No you don’t. It’s much funnier (and impressive) in your imagination. I promise. Trust me.

No, trust you!


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So You Want to be a Performance Artists

oh160826Yeah, Trump actually said that when being briefed by advisors on nuclear weapons policy.

I actually don’t think Trump is a performance artist. I think he’s a performer who saw an opportunity to extend his brand by running for President. He never expected to win the nomination. And I don’t think he either expects or WANTS to win the general election. However, he does want to exploit his supporters into some sort of media empire that he can make money on.

A great movie that speaks to the Trump phenomenon is “Being There.” staring Peter Sellers as a simple-minded gardner that captures the imagination of the public as some sort savant. It’s an example of how people see want they want to see. Ask yourself why Trump’s ideas are so vague. The second he starts to get specific (re: his “softening” on immigration) all hell breaks lose with his supporters.

Here’s a clip from “Being There.”




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Great Artist vs. Cow

oh160825This is all gravity’s fault. Bad, bad gravity. Boo.

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The Portrait of the Cartoonist as a Crazy Person

oh160822This crazy artist question has always intrigued me. I know some nice and sane artists and I know some bat shit nuts artists (you know who you are).  I fall somewhere in the middle. I have issues with procrastination, depression, anxiety and chips and queso. I try not to burden others with my  many neurosis, but sometimes they escape and run around the house in their underwear (boxer-briefs).

Anyway, enjoy this week where we delve into the artistic psyche. Delve is a fancy word that means dive. And since my psyche is quite shallow I’ll have to be careful I don’t break my neck.



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