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Fire Ants With Chainsaws

Over the Hedge

Fire ants. Wal-Mart.  Drag Queen.  Chainsaws. Todd, the nonjudgmental greeter.

What could possibly go wrong?


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Queen Up on Aisle 32

Over the Hedge

Yeah, I used the title pun as a gag in yesterday’s blog post.  And I think it’s a joke in one of this week’s cartoons.  But I’ve improved it.  Really.  32 is much funnier than 9.  And I have proof.

Mel Brooks started out as a writer in early television on Sid Ceasar’s “Your Show of Shows along with later star scribes such as Neil Simon, Danny Simon, Mel Tolkin, and Carl Reiner.  One day they were writing a skit that called for an elevator operator (Imogene Coca) to announce the floor in a department store when the elevator doors opened.  But what floor number.  What is the funniest number.  Mel, somewhat arrogantly, announced that 32 is the funniest number.  The other writers were less sure.  How could Mel possibly know?  But Mel was certain.  And to prove it he had Imogene Coca come into the writers and recite different floor numbers.   Ten.  Seventeen.  Twenty-three.  Twenty-nine.  And finally, as only Imogene Coca could say, “Terdy-do!”  Everyone laughed.  Mel was right.

32 is the funniest number.


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