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The One With Cute Animals In It

oh160915This whole week has been an example of what happens when you do benign, non-controversial, cute cartoons.

No one cares.

There is not one comment over at gocomics.com.  No one is bemused. No one is angry. No one thinks we’re geniuses. No one thinks we suck.

See… this is why we compare Donald Trump to an orange bag of endoskeletal goo.

Also, there’s NO WAY Trump is 236 lbs. I’m 6’2″ and 232 lbs. I look like positively anorexic next to the TrumpBlimp.

Okay, well maybe not anorexic, but certainly somewhat slimmer. A bit slimmer. Slim-ish.

Hey! At least I’m not orange!


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RJ Will Pump You Up

oh160914Dumb gag.

Cool art.



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Squirrels Bounce

oh160913When my daughters were little and they fell down I would always point out that  kids bounce. Not very high. Or really at all. The point was they’re not these super fragile beings that need to be carefully cocooned every living second.

And then one day my daughter fell off a swing. In tears, she showed me her rapidly swelling wrist. I hugged her and told her to shake it off. My wife, the smart one, instantly realized it was more serious. Later, X-ray in hand, I was chastised by the sight of a clean total break of her radius.

So, basically, kids do not bounce. At least not all the time.

And I’m an idiot.

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Bouncing Down the House

oh160912For all our millennial readers (7? 8?), the headline is an early 80’s Talking Heads reference.

Yes, I am old. But I’m a trying-too-hard-hip kind of old.


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Never Forget

Over the Hedge - oh160911comb_ht.tif

Over the Hedge


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In Spader We Trust

oh160910I bet Putin wouldn’t ?#$!! with James Spader.

And by ?#$!!, I mean ?/#$@$!!.

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He Got Mr. Robot Eyes

oh160909I love, love, love, LOVE Mr. Robot. Terrific show. Very subversive.

Another great show, apropos of nothing, is Crazy Ex-Girfriend. Rachel Bloom is going to be a superstar.

Yes, I know I watch too much television.


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