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The One With Kale Pops

Hedge03162017RJ is not interested in your well being, he’s interested in your being fun. Big difference. At least to him.


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You Can Call Me Verne

oh150220Verne takes a lot of abuse. It’s nice to see it’s contagious.

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Depression and Constipation, Similar, Not the Same

Over the Hedge

Did you know comics were high in fiber?  Comics are printed on newsprint.  Newsprint is made from trees.  And trees are almost entirely fiber.   Studies prove that a diet filled with the daily recommended dose of comics (at least 12) will help prevent colon cancer, lower cholesterol and cure ear worms.   Over the Hedge is especially high in fiber since we used only recycled gags made up almost entirely of BS – BS being mostly undigested fiber.

So, if you want to live a long, healthy life like this guy below, you need to consume plenty of comics.

If he can put up with a little crap, so can you.

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