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The Art of the Heel

oh150915I may have mentioned this before so bear with me. A few years back I was having a breakfast meeting in NYC with a private equity guy (trying to raise money for RingTales). He had recently played golf with The Donald. He explained that he watched Trump hit his drive into a sand trap. Then, when he thought no one was looking, Trump teed it up in the trap.

That’s all you need to know about Donald Trump.



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Deep Dish Thoughts

oh140616Do NOT go on America’s Got Talent and trim your nose with a weed hacker. DO NOT DO IT! Please don’t. I beg you. I deplore you. Pretty please with sugar on top. Please. PLEASE.

Oh go ahead.


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Occupy Suburbia: The One Percent Solution

I love this punch line.

“Nice job, Mike,” he said to himself in a creepy self congratulatory way that revealed a disturbing degree of narcissism.

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