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Coffee Snobs

Hedge090919Mr. Coffee coffee is fine.

Espresso machine coffee is better.


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The One With an Owl with His Head Stuck in a Peanut Butter Jar

Hedge09262018Jerry remind you of anyone?

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Leaky Brains

oh160818This is the first political cartoon in the history of Over the Hedge that nobody over at gocomics.com went ballistic about.  I chalk this up to the phony false equivalency we set up between Hilary and Trump.

Rest assured there is no equivalency. Hilary is a typical veracity challenged establishment politician and Trump is a clown. No. Strike that. That’s an insult to to clowns. Sorry, clowns.

Trump is an idiot.

Sorry, idiots.


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Mark Your Territory

oh151016Sorry. Forgot to post this one yesterday.  Just as well. It illicit a firestorm of protest over at gocomics.com/overthehedge. 48 comments!  Might be a record. What makes me scratch my head is there really isn’t any bias in this cartoon.  We mention two Democrats and two Republicans.  The only candidate we trash is Trump.  I’m not going to apologize for trashing a narcissistic blowhard on a self-inflated brand building exercise.

I gotta go mark my territory.

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Idiots Aloft

oh150918 That’s Queen Izzy’s fire ant mound for those of you paying less than rapt attention.

And no I do not know how Verne got flipped in the final panel. T is obviously suffering from short term panel loss.

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Top 5 Wastes of Gravity

5.  Falling on two idiots.

4.  Keeping Chris Brown from flying into space.

3.  Drying wet socks by throwing them off the Empire State Building

2.  Base jumping off the couch

1.  Keeping dog ears from floating freely

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