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Cleavage Catch

oh161230I don’t think all the folks Trump wants to deport will have such a soft landing. Just saying.

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The One Where We’re Sort Of But Not Really Topical

oh130912I wonder if Assad reads Over the Hedge. Probably not. But if he did, he might think we were making some sort of veiled comment on his criminal use of chemical weapons.

And he’d be an idiot.

I mean, a bigger idiot.

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Deep in the Flesh of Texas

The ants that bite are red and bright
Deep in the flesh of Texas

The prairie mounds – are wide and high
Deep in the flesh of Texas.

Rick Perry shoots – and hits his boot
Deep in the flesh of Texas.

And now he limps –  like a wimp
Deep in the flesh of Texas

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Static Shock Therapy

I think Izzy should have done something in panel 2 to warrant Hammy’s invasive procedure. Cause and effect.   This is just effect.

Hindsight is 20/20.    Cartooning for me is about 10/40/40/10.   10% walk off.   40% Good enough for government work.  40% Coasting.  And 10% WTF.   As you can see, the bar for a reasonably successful cartooning career is not set very high.   Yet somehow, I still trip over it all the time.

Oh.  Today is my birthday.  I’m 52 today.  I read today that Babe Ruth died at 53 on this date in 1948.   The Babe accomplished a great deal in 53 years.  No doubt he would have preferred to live longer, but he got what he needed to get done in the time he had.  I’ve accomplished a lot, but I’m no where near done.  Learning that the Babe died at 53 makes me feel a little anxious about how much time I’ve got left.  I’m sure I’ll push through 53 just fine.  But then what?  10 more years?  15?  20?  30?  Who knows?

Kinda scary.

Then again, I’ve always worked well on a deadline.


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A Stand Up Squirrel

Someone wrote on Twitter today that we did a shout out to the comic Sally Forth with today’s comic.  Nope.  Sorry.  Just like Hammy in today’s cartoon, “sally forth” is meant to be taken literally.

I like the comic strip Sally Forth.  I mean, as much as I’ve read it over the years.  Which isn’t often.  But I really like the present writer, Ces Marciuliano, who is a very funny guy.   He does another strip called Medium Large which is terrific.  And he has a blog where he writes about his crazy family.  Especially his dad.  His transcribed verbatim phone conversations with his dad are hysterical.

Check out all Ces’ stuff at http://mediumlarge.wordpress.com


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Hammy Kills

I apologize for the provocative nature of today’s headline.   Just another cheap attempt to increase traffic.

But now that you’re here, poke around, kick the tires, donate at will and tell your friends that of all the sites they can waste time on,…

…this is certainly one of them.


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Top 5 Reasons Squirrels Make Lousy Knights

5.  No tail armor.

4.  Whiskers stick through visor.

3.  Prefer rubber lance.

2.  Can’t say “Ni’ without giggling.

1.  Allergic to crusades.


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