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Not So Well Water

oh141011Actually ants do pee (and poop).  They do it in special bathroom chambers within an ant hill.  And that’s more than you ever wanted to know about ant digestive elimination habits.

You’re welcome.


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Jack and Jill and Joseph

I sent Kony 2012 $30. The video of a few weeks back was/is inspiring.  And exploitative.  And simplistic.  And impressive.  I didn’t know who Kony was before that video and now me and tens of millions of others do.  Raising that level of awareness is worth rewarding with $30.

That the director of the video and leader of Invisible Children (producers of the video) went a little nuts is unfortunate and probably understandable…. and also irrelevant.  The movement is bigger than the man.  Unless he dumps Invisible Children and directs the next Transformers movie.  Then he’s a dick.  I’ve been duped.  And Joseph Kony gets to see another sunrise.

I really hope that doesn’t happen because I want to believe in the possibility of real change that we can ALL get behind.  If real change starts with us all agreeing on who the worst human being on Earth is, then that’s where it starts.

Let’s just hope that’s not where it ends.

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Humpty Dumpty: Did He Fall Or Was He Pushed?

There’s a great animated detective film in all this.  Anyone want to pay me to write it?


Just thought I’d ask.

(Did you know Hammy spoke French?  Neither did I.)


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I Don’t Know Jack

Over the Hedge

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Wrong Jack.  Or,… just maybe, it’s the same Jack that went up the hill.  Consider the evidence:

1.  Both Jacks are klutzes.

2.  Jack breaking his crown causes inner-ear balance issue that impacts candle jumping prowess.

3.  Jack trips over candle embarrassing Jill, forcing her to push him down the hill to put him out of his dorky misery.

4.  Jill breaks up with Jack when she finds out she went up the hill to fetch water and not a proposal.  Jack, despondent, tries to commit suicide by candle.

5.  There is no Jill.  There are two Jacks – one a transvestite, who moonlights as a candle-jumper for kid’s birthday parities and local renaissance fairs.

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