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Zombie Ruth

Hedge04252018 That Baby Ruth was probably about a dime in 1963.  And it was bigger. And it had absolutely no nutrition facts or ingredients listed.

It was a simpler time.


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A Duck Walks Into a Bar

oh141207This is my daughter Sarah’s favorite joke as a kid. She heard it first in the car during the annual Prairie Home Companion joke show.  It’s a funny joke. For ducks and humans alike.

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It Ain’t Easy Being Mildewy

Over the Hedge

See, I could have just had the Tree say, “You don’t have any friends,” in the second panel.   Straightforward gag.  Been done to death, but serviceable.   No, I have to do a double-twisting, back-flip of a joke because it’s cleverer and 14 comedy nerds out there will appreciate it.

Over the Hedge:  Written with me in mind.


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