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Yeezus Wept

oh131118I should have had Kanye tweet in the royal/divine plural like, “We, a god who walks among you, ate a veggie burger.”

Perhaps that’s my problem. Perhaps if I took on a divine rights of cartoonists attitude I’d be more successful.

Sweet Yeezus, no?

That’s what I thought.


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Feline Future News #2: Lebron James’ Neck Beard/Kanye West’s Twitter Feud

Behold FFN News #2.  Produced by me and the fine folks at Ralph Smyth Entertainment.  My role is mainly to stay out their way.  Which I do quite well.

I think this episode is a big improvement over #1.  The kittens were so much more cooperative this time.  We gave in to their demands for private liter boxes and hemp yarn.

If you like it, please share.   Far and wide.

But mostly wide.

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