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Who Kept the Matter In?

Verne! Verne! Verne! Verne-Verne!

Love the McDonald’s Keymaster.  “Do you want quarks with that?”

T’s contribution (other than the sterling art of course).



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The One Where Verne is Awesomely Annoying

Verne’s super power is logic.  Which when applied to a sketchy evil plan to unleash chaos on the universe (or a cartoonist who’s written himself into a corner)  is fairly effective.  The rest of the time it’s just annoying.

Verne is the Mr. Spock of Over the Hedge.

Except without the Vulcan nerve pinch or the every seven year blood lust mate or die ritual of Pon Farr.



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The One That References Tupac’s Hologram

We’re not desperate to appear hip and happening.  No way.  Absolutely not.  Never in a million years.

Tupac is one of those groovy double pouched fanny packs, right?


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Welcome to the Pain and Horror Allergy Season

T’s keyman is inspired.  Better than I imagined.*

*For those of you keeping score, this is an example of me being complimentary about my partner.  Since I often rag on him, I like to point out when I’m being nice.  He’s extremely talented and probably should be doing his own strip free from the likes of me.  He deserves his share of the single watt flickering spotlight we share.  And when he gets his own blog he can have it.

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May the Scroll Be With You

If you were wondering if our Star Wars homage is pinned to the 35th anniversary of the debut of Star Wars then you would be under the delusion that we plan these things out in advance.

We don’t.

Over the Hedge:  Accidentally topical since 1995.


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Home Is Where the Thumbs Are

Verne needs new friends.  Just saying.

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This Is the Storyline That Never Ends…

…it goes on and on my friends.

Some cartoonist started writing it without knowing what it was…

So he’ll continue writing it forever just because.

(Alderaan = Underarm, get it? No?  Never mind.)



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