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Doll House Confidential

What goes on behind closed doll house doors stays behind closed doll house doors.


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Live Free Or Cuddle

Teddy Bears are soldiers in a war against really short terrorists.  They deserve the thanks and support of a grateful nation of parents. A-men.

In other news: Hostess To Stop Making Twinkies!!

For those of you tweeting, commenting and e-mailing for RJ’s painful, gut shot response, remember the earliest we could comment in the strip would be in three weeks.  Also, we did a long story line on the same subject earlier this year, or maybe last year, or the year before.  I don’t know, they all run together.  Anyway, Twinkies is such a well known brand that I feel sure another snack cake company will pick it up.

For RJ’s sake, let’s all hope so.

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The Odd Squad: Bully Bait Cover

Behold the official, double super secret probation cover for my middle school illustrated novel, The Odd Squad:  Bully Bait (Disney-Hyperion).  It’s Due on book shelves (both real and virtual) February 12, 2013.   I got the Advance Review Copy last night and it looks pretty sweet.   It has weight and mass and occupies actual physical space.  In other words, it’s a real book!

It’s for ages 8-12.   And anyone who’s emotional development arrested in middle school.   Which includes me and I’m pretty sure most Hedge fans.

So, if you are a parent or a grandparent or a great grandparent or a librarian or a book store owner or a lover of Shakespeare spouting ex-hippie school janitor/mentors (you’ll see) please stay tuned.  We’ll be promoting more as we get closer to publication date.  In the meantime, I have to write Book 2.

It’s due September 15th.




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Hug, Hug Me Do

No, “too-planned parenthood” is not some veiled comment on Planned Parenthood.

Unless you want it to be.  In which case, go ahead and ascribe whatever political motives you like.

Those of you who see subliminal subversion where it isn’t know you were going to do that anyway.

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Top 5 Rejected Baby Foods

5. Banana and Eggplant

4. Mango and Braunschweiger

3. Kiwi and Beets

2. Oysters and Haggis

1. Peyote and Peas



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Monsters Ick

Monsters have a stressful life that can result in gastrointestinal distress.  For example, children’s toes are not easily digested.  They may look like sweet, fat little marshmallows, but in reality they go down like leaden hush puppies.



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Kids: Just In It For the Ice Cream

I love my two daughters.  And I’m sure they love me.  Well,… not sure. How can you be really sure. Who knows? Maybe they secretly despise me.

Maybe they’re bio-engineered robot skeleton invaders and I and millions of other parents have been unwittingly chosen to assimilate them into earth culture so that at a predetermined time they could attack us and rip out our spleens.

But probably not.


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