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Send Home the Clowns

oh130918That’s Lady GaGa’s new song Applause Izzy is singing. Which is also the score for a that Kia ad — the one with the hip-hop hamsters.  At least I think they’re hamsters. They might be guinea pigs or large voles. Actually, I have no idea what a vole looks like. I just like typing voles.

Where was I?



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Lady Gaga Spotted in Tube Socks!

The title of this post is something called a lie.  I completely made it up.  Never happened.  Almost certainly never will happen. It’s just simple crazy nonsense.

So, let’s see how long it takes for Lady Gaga to be seen wearing tube socks.  I’m thinking a week.  Maybe two.

I bet you didn’t know I control the world.

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Lady GaGa is a Squirrel

Over the Hedge

This explains so much.  Clearly, like Hammy, Lady Gaga has faster than light speed.  She’s been to the future and it’s apparently heavily mascaraed, wears platform heels and sports a the occasional WIDE Egyptian headdress.

She’s furry, before furry’s cool!


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Thinking Outside the Squirrel

Over the Hedge

I live near Buda, TX.  Which has nothing to do with the Buddah.  In fact, it’s prounced Buuuda – long u.  It’s some jumbled misremembered derivation of the Spanish, Czech or  Cheyenne word for, “Place Where Train Stops Too Quickly After Austin and Annoys Passengers.”

But since I never let the facts pull focus from the truth, I’m going to start a completely unsubstantiated rumor that Buda, TX is in fact the long whispered though never revealed astral vacation spot for THE Buddah.

I have it on good authority (mine) that years ago the Buddah would astral project himself into the future and hang with the home boys and girls at the local Sonic and enjoy a cherry limeaid or six.   He’d check out the startlingly lifelike taxodermy exhibit, “Kill Mountain,” at Cabelas.   His buda-belly would jiggle and bounce as he sprinted during  the annual, “Running of the Weiner Dogs.”  And being a long time collector of central Texas kitsch, he’d purchase a surprisingly life-like velvet portrait of Lady Gaga at Budafest.

Don’t believe me?  Come see for yourself.  In fact, the Buddah is sitting right across from me at the Cracker Barrel shoveling in a third order of biscuits and gravy.

Wait.  No.

That’s a Bubba, not a Buddah.


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The One With Brains Exercising to Lady Gaga

Over the Hedge

I wrote this with the brains doing gymnastics.  Like the vault, pommel hourse, rings, etc…   T probably figured it was too hard to draw.  Hard to imagine.  No, it’s easy to imagine.  Hard to draw.

Ma-ma-ma-My poker face…!

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