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Credit Crisis

oh151130No income? No assets? No problem!


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The One With Festive Fungus

oh141216A cartoon so nice I think we’ve done this one twice.

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The One With Mt. Hedgemore

I think I speak for most folks beyond the age of 7 when I say that except for blowing up mailboxes (which admittedly can be pretty awesome), fireworks are actually pretty boring.  Yeah, I know some professional shows are made impressive through variety and timing, but basically we’re rehashing the same old shower of sparks over and over again.

We’re at a creative impasse with fireworks.  I want to see a flashing Batmobile roar across the heavens.  I want to see a spark by brushstroke recreation of Starry Night.   I want to see Mt. Hedgemore (but not before a Verne float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade) explode overhead in blaze of glory and obnoxious self-promotion.

Will we get there?  Yes, eventually. When the robots take over they’ll have to do something to keep us slack-jawed and distracted once they turn us into double A Duracells.  Fireworks depictions of popular episodes of “Cops” would be perfect.

I can’t wait.




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