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Introducing Sven, One Handsome Hunk of Swede

Over the Hedge

Maybe Sven can be our 4th wheel?   He’s cute.  Strong appeal to the women demo.  He’s Nordic.   We’ve always been very big in Scandinavia.  And, of course, everyone likes a massage.

Even air massages.

Who wants an air massage from Sven?






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Run Naked

Over the Hedge

Please don’t run naked.  Please.  Really.  No one wants to see that.  Please.

I used to run.  Until my knees, shins, hips and back couldn’t last more than a couple of miles.  No doubt running barefoot may have avoided these injuries.  And replaced them with cut, burned, blistered and bloodied feet.

Now I use a stationary bike.  I pedal to nowhere every morning while I watch The Dan Patrick Show on DirecTV.   I pedal barefoot.   And other than a sore butt, I’m doing fine so far.

So, what have we learned today, Timmy?

  • No one should run naked.
  • Running barefoot can be painful and messy.
  • Sore butts may or may not be a consequence of pedaling barefoot.
  • The Dan Patrick Show may or may not distract you from a sore butt.
  • I really, really want that golf simulator in Dan Patrick’s man cave.



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