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Verne Ad Nauseam

oh160831Stole today’s headline from a commentator over at gocomics.com.

BTW, I didn’t know Verne had a beernut allergy. Clearly, T knows more about Verne’s health issues than I do. I wrote that he hates socks. I think sock hate is slightly more comedic than beernut allergies. Mostly because sock is a funnier word than beernut. You might disagree, and T certainly does, but I stand by my instincts.

Isn’t this fun how I air our dirty laundry. Well, not fun fun. But, you know, more fun than a stick in the eye fun.


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The One About Turtle Immune Systems

oh131127I don’t think I actually researched that bit about slime and a turtle’s immune system. But it sounds good, right?  I mean, that’s all that’s really important. It’s not like anyone gets anything educational out of this strip. Other then, you know, how to seriously bully a turtle.

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Hold the Mold

Is mold really bad to eat? I get that it’s gross. But if you’ve got a spec of mold on a piece of bread and you eat it will you die?  Like my wife, my mom and every woman on Earth has always told me will happen.  Let’s go to the intertubes:

And the answer is:

No.  Well, no but, maybe. Well, no but, maybe if you’re allergic.  And then you could die.  Although there’s no reported case of anyone dying from bread mold.

I’m still alive so I’m going to choose to continue to do what I’ve always done which is not worry about it. At least until I fall over dead.

And then I’ll probably stop.


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The One Where Verne Commits Suicide Very Slowly

According to RJ, we’re all killing ourselves.   Some of us more quickly than others.

Me?  I’m presenting overdosing on chips and salsa.

With a side of stress.


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Lord of the Damp

Over the Hedge

I feel bad for Verne.  He’s a professional victim.  Not by choice, but by necessity.  There are three main characters.  One is the cool guy.  One is the cute guy.  And one is Verne.   Verne is the glue that makes it all stick together.   But mostly it just sticks to him.   Poor, Verne.   Poor, sticky, moldy, Verne.

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