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Tinder For Bugs

Hedge05242017The female mayflies always get prettier at closing time.

It’s true.


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The Three Body Problem

hedge02182018The Three Body Problem is also an excellent sci-fi book by Cixin Liu.  I’m now reading the second book in the series, The Dark Forest. Very cool speculation on what would really happen if we made first contact with an advanced alien civilization. A civilization that sees us as we see insects. The irony is that insects are REALLY difficult to totally exterminate.

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Feline Future News #2: Lebron James’ Neck Beard/Kanye West’s Twitter Feud

Behold FFN News #2.  Produced by me and the fine folks at Ralph Smyth Entertainment.  My role is mainly to stay out their way.  Which I do quite well.

I think this episode is a big improvement over #1.  The kittens were so much more cooperative this time.  We gave in to their demands for private liter boxes and hemp yarn.

If you like it, please share.   Far and wide.

But mostly wide.

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Feline Future News #1: Tom Cruise’s Kitchen Nightmare

Check out my latest distraction from making a living below.  Produced by me and the fine folks at Ralph Smythe Entertainment (who did almost all the work while I slowed them down with executive notes like, “A kitten wouldn’t say that.”   If you like, please share.


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Occupy Suburbia: The Maraschino Cherry Connection

It’s true, Rachel Maddow considers herself something of a mixologist and has been known to enjoy a Manhattan or three.  Stands to reason that she’s developed a serious maraschino cherry addiction.

Despite that, Hammy still loves her.


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All Fairies Now Weaponized Drones

New Game Concept:  Angry Fairies

Player launches weaponized fairy drones against unicorns hiding in corrugated metal structures.   Player gains points by proceeding through multiple levels featuring progressively more complex buildings.

Merch, TV Show and animated feature film to follow.

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