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You Say You Want a Revolution…

Over the Hedge

I was born in 1959, raised in a Republican household.  My father was/is an Ayn Rand Objectivist.  Today, I am neither a Republican or an Objectivist, nor am I Marxist or an admirer of Che Guevera.   My politics are pragmatic, middle of the road and frankly boring.   What I am is a half-assed humorist and a satirist.

The endlessly reproduced photo of Che Guevara is unarguably one of the most iconic images of the 20th century.   Some see Guevara as a revolutionary hero.  Others see him as a violent terrorist.  I see him for what he is today:  reduced to wearing a Bart Simpson shirt.

I think New Yorker cartoonist Mathew Diffe’s image is funny.   And I think Che wearing a beret with Hammy’s image is a further silly/ironic reductionist absurdity.   Think of a one way number line with Che on the left end, Bart in the middle and Hammy on the right end.   Doesn’t that feel like we’re headed in the right direction?

I agree.


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