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Eco Martyrs

Hedge05152017I can’t drink milk (lactose intolerance). But I can drink random nut eco-squeezings.  Which are sort of milk-like. But not really.

Getting old sucks.


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Inside Verne, RJ and Hammy’s Brain

Excellent job by T.  Just beautiful.

And a nice contribution by Vince.


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No Turtle Is An Island

We’re all shape-shifters.

Who we are shifts the shapes of everyone around us.   When we change, it changes everyone around us.

Have you ever made a big change in your life and your long time friends or family either didn’t notice or resisted the change? The change forces them to reevaluate themselves.    They had you pegged.  And now you’re different.  And now they have to change how they think about you.  And themselves.   Sometimes they get really, really annoyed.

But why?   Change is constant.  Accept it.  You can either float with the current and enjoy the ever-changing landscape or you can drown stubbornly insisting on only one point of view.

Unfortunately in a real world that’s constantly changing, comic strips pretty much have to be locked in amber.   Which is how most of you want it.  Don’t worry, Verne’s brush with popularity and confidence will be temporary.  He’ll return to his loser ways.  Order will be restored over the hedge.

Which makes me kinda sad.


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