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ComicCon Appearance

I’ll be a ComicCon next week signing FREE copies of Odd Squad: Bully Bait at the Disney – Hyperion Booth at 3:30 on Sat. Then on the Kids: Comics in Action panel at 10 AM on Sun. Irony alert: It’s a drawing competition. Like selling tickets to a train wreck. You won’t want to want to miss it.



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The One Where We Flip the Strip

One day Verne may just say the hell with all this and split for another strip. But who would have him?

Beetle Bailey?  Verne would get fragged within a week.

Hagar?  Vikings use turtles as flaming Death Frisbees

Pearls Before Swine?  Rat and Pig would hold Verne while each of the Crocs takes a bite.

Girls in Apartment 3G?  Verne would be arrested after being caught trying on their foundation garments.

Cul de Sac?  Petey would suffocate Verne in his sleep.  That strip’s not big enough for two neurotic dweebs.

Dilbert?   Dogbert would sell Verne’s shell on E-bay.

For his own safety, I guess we’re stuck with him.



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Write Side Up

Don’t really have much to say today.  Kinda sleepy after a couple tuna salad sandwiches. Probably caused by all that mercury in the tuna.  I love tuna salad, but I only eat it once a month or so now.  Sucks.

Alabama plays LSU tomorrow.  Big game.  I think it’ll be LSU by a touchdown.  Feels like their year.   Then I want them to play Boise State for the NC just to settle once and for all if Boise can hang with the SEC.

What else?  I’ve got a bunch weird black floaties in my left eye.  Really bugging me.  Looked it up online.  It’s either perfectly normal or my retina is detaching.  Terrific.

It was really cold last night and we didn’t turn the heat on so the house is still about 65 degrees at noon.  Got a fire going.  But it’s not really helping.  I could turn the heat on, but then I’d have to buy propane.  Costs about $500 to fill just half our tank.  In the winter $500 lasts about 6 weeks.  I’m trying to wait as long as possible.

Oh, and there’s this huge elephant in the middle of the room that I can’t talk about yet.   But I will soon.  His name is Lou and he brings good news.

Well,  that’s it for Random Friday.   Next week I’ll tell you all about trimming my toenails, whether I think Dan Patrick looks good in flannel and my review of Cormac McCarthy’s, “Blood Meridian.”

Hook ’em Horns.   Go Frogs.  Geaux Tigers.



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