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The One With George Clooney Sans Pants

oh160611Actually, George is a year younger than me. And that’s not old. It’s not. Seriously.

It’s not.

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You Had ONE Job!

oh160606Not my day to watch him. I can’t be blamed.

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For God’s Sake Put On Some Pants!

oh160202Tighty-whities are only cool on four year olds and were-lizards (see last night’s episode of X-files).

I prefer the boxer-brief. Snug and stylish. With a slightly less dorky look.

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The Down Side of Immortality

oh150408Aren’t we all a bit of a slave to our machines already?*

*This comment provided by Auto-Post. Auto-Post: We’re cleverer than you, more reliable than you and we never have to wear pants.


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Why Don’t We Wear Pants?

oh130610All my pants are naughty.


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Pants = Persuasiveness

oh130328Little known fact: cows are highly skeptical of scoldings from pants-less raccoons.

Highly skeptical.

It’s true.


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Building Character: How to Cash In On Your Characters Without Losing Your Soul

I’m doing a phone seminar next week on marketing and licensing your characters.  It’ll be a fun two hours each day.  There will be downloadable slides, lots of time for questions and I promise to wear pants. Click here for more info.

Dates: Monday – Wednesday, October 15 – 17, 2012

They say content is king. But the truth is that viewers and readers fall in love with characters, not content. Whether it’s a novel, graphic novel, comic strip, web comic or web animation, characters are what attract loyal fans. And licensors. Audiences want to own and share a piece of what they love, whether it’s a T-shirt, a plush toy or a major motion picture. But how do you get your character from the page or screen to the store or theater? Build an audience and licensors will come, right? Yes, that’s part of it. But there’s more — a lot more to making sure your characters get the best shot at becoming household names.

Please join the co-creator and writer of the Over the Hedge comic strip, Michael Fry and former Dilbert Head of Licensing Jeanette Smith for a 6 hour seminar over three days that will guide you through the intersection between art and commerce to best develop and market your characters to their maximum potential. The audio seminar includes an extensive downloadable powerpoint presentation that outlines each step in the process from creation to publication to brand building to promotion to licensing for television and film.

One class per day:

  • Each day the class will be – 9:00 PST / 12:00 – 2:00 EST
  • Each class is 1-1/2 – 2 hours in length)

Daily Course Descriptions:

Monday, October 15th

  • Commercial Character Development, Publication and Promotion  

Tuesday, October 16th

  • Brand Building, Leveraging Available Media and Understanding Licensing Contracts 

Wednesday, October 17th

  • ‘How I got two comic strips you never heard of made into a TV series and a feature animated film’ – Exclusive with Michael Fry

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