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Science Friction

hedge08122017.jpegAnother week in the can.

Everyone survived.

Once again.

Silliness rocks!



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Squirrel + Power Tools = Fun

oh160714I love, love, LOVE Hammy in the third panel. We’ve done this gag before and we’ll probably do it again.


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No Squirrel Left Behind

I stole today’s headline from babareb over at comics.com.

Hammy could take this strip over in a heartbeat if I let him. Unfortunately, he’s like cartoon heroin. Too much and you’re on your back, comatose in a filthy Scottish walk-up while a baby in a soiled diaper hugs a stained Tickle-me Elmo in the corner (thank you Transpotting for that image).

Seriously kids, it’s for your own protection.  Too much Hammy just leads to the harder stuff like My Little Pony and Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time.

Or, God forbid, this:


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Fun with Power Tools

Over the Hedge

T’s been knocking it out of the park lately.   The last few Sundays have been stellar.

Okay, maybe that 5th panel of Hammy in Space on a T-shirt will sell.  Let’s try that.

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