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The One With the Sleepy Butts

oh130603In the Odd Squad books Nick calls it Zombie Butt.

Speaking of all things Odd Squad, I just got back from a great trip to the Book Expo America convention in New York City.  Had a couple great signings, gave a three minute Odd Squad pitch twenty times to twenty tables of groovy bookstore folks and even sort of had dinner with Kareem Abdul-Jabar (he was two tables over and we almost made eye contact). It was exhausting, yet inspiring. Disney’s got lots of cool promotional stuff set for the fall launch Odd Squad book 2: Zero Tolerance.


As with the last book, send me a copy of your pre-order receipt to overhedge@verizon.net and I’ll send you a hand drawn thank you note back.

Click here to pre-order.



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Presenting “The Odd Squad: Zero Tolerance” Cover

ZT cover with watermarkCheck out the almost final cover for book 2 of The Odd Squad series: Zero Tolerance.  Here’s the lowdown:

After taming the school’s biggest bully, Nick, Molly and Karl expect to bask in Safety Patrol glory. But without a bully to set straight, all they’re left with is helping sixth graders cross the hall and reminding everyone that Jell-o meat stains.

Enter new kid Simone, who becomes fast friends with Molly but gets on Nick’s nerves when she makes light of his quest to find Emily, the mysterious middle school protector who may or may not be real. In an effort to prove he’s right, Nick tries to flush Emily out, only to bring the wrath of a new Zero Tolerance policy down on Emily Dickinson Middle School.

Nick’s in way over his head (he’s not that tall in the first place) and risks expulsion if he can’t  restore his good name. Since Nick is an expert at making wrong moves, he could be in big trouble. Because if there’s one thing worse than being the shortest seventh grader in the history of the world, it’shaving to go through it twice.

Guess what?  New kid Simone is from FRANCE!

<twirls moustache melodramatically>

The Odd Squad: Zero Tolerance debuts September 3rd in bookstores everywhere both real and virtual.

As with Book 1, if you pre-order, and send me a receipt (to overhedge@verizon.net) I’ll send you a signed drawing.  Pre-order HERE.


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The Odd Squad: Bully Bait Now Available For Pre-Order On Amazon

My Middle Grade illustrated novel, The Odd Squad: Bully Baitis now available for pre-order on Amazon.  Here’s the blurb:

Nick is the shortest seventh-grader in the history of the world (he’s pretty sure), doesn’t fit in with any groups or clubs (who needs ’em?), and spends more time inside than outside his locker (they’re roomier than you’d think).

Things only get worse when a well-intentioned guidance counselor forces Nick to join the school’s lamest club—along with fellow misfits Molly and Karl—in her quest to cure all three of their “peer allergies.” What starts off as a reluctant band of hopeless oddballs morphs into an effective and empowered team ready to face whatever middle school throws at them, including bullies, awkward romance, zany adults, and a brave new world of surprising friendships.

Renowned* cartoonist Michael Fry brings an unforgettable cast of characters to life in an illustrated novel brimming with honesty, humor, and heart.

*I’m pretty sure they meant round cartoonist.

The hardcover novel is 224 pages, with 296 illustrations.   It’s for middle grade (ages 8-12), but the humor is pretty universal and I think kids of all ages who enjoy Hedge will enjoy The Odd Squad.

This first book will be available February 12, 2013.  With the second in the series coming out Fall 2013.

Yeah, I know it’s early, but to everyone who orders it early and sends me a copy of their receipt, I will email  you a signed, hand-drawing of the main characters (Nick, Molly and Karl) as a thank you note.   I will.  I’ll do it.

I promise.

To order the book click on the cover image or here.

To forward your receipt email me at: overhedge@verizon.net

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