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It’s the End of the Squirrel As We Know It and I Feel Fine

Stole today’s title from Daoine over at gocomics.com.

Remember, amateurs borrow and professionals steal*

*and politely acknowledge their source.

Oh, and you knew those Mayan temples were really spaceships didn’t you?

No, you didn’t.

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The One With the Anti-Depressed Turtle

This is confusing.  Even to me and I wrote it.  Well, I wrote the first draft in which the plane breaks up and Hammy grabs a bunch of party balloons (which is why it’s a Balloon Xpress plane) and floats safely to earth.   T has once again chosen to rewrite (without consultation). Now apparently Hammy is without a parachute (or a balloonachute)and I have no idea what’s going to happen next.

If Hammy takes a dirt nap it’s not on me.

You can thank T.


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Piloted by Clowns

This week is going to be one of those incredible journey weeks where we write ourselves into some silly corner and rely on providence (and your suspension of disbelief) to get us out.  With your and God’s help it should be a fun week.

Over the Hedge:  Piloted by clowns since 1995.

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Wham Bam Ham Can Jam

Hammy’s going to be fine. Seriously, he’s the main character. We’re not that stupid. Except for Game of Thrones who kills off their main character?

Not us, that’s who.

Have I mentioned how much I admire Game of Thrones?



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Spud of Evil

This isn’t exactly what I wrote, but it’s close:

Hammy stands about the same distance as he is tall from the chip.
2 parts.  Top middle and bottom:
Top:  Hammy falls forward to eat the chip (mouth open)
Bottom:  Hammy hits the edge of the chip  which sends it flipping backward over. 
Bottom:  Chip stays in foreground as Hammy starts rolls away down a hill screaming.

Chip:   Giggle. 
Same POV as third panel.  Chip still where it was.  RJ and Verne.  RJ holds his foot up, inspect it.  Hammy further away. bouncing in the distance,  screaming.  

RJ:  I just cut my foot on a chip

V:  They use way too many preservatives these days. 

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Of all the instances depicting inanimate extruded potato crisps exhibiting martial arts skills in the comics, today’s cartoon…

…is certainly one of them.

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Ham in a Can

This is shaping up to be a fun week (or two). T’s doing a great job. This might have something to do with the fact that there are hardly any words and he has a lot more room to draw.  Maybe.

But probably not.



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