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Got Life?

I am not against space exploration. I’m against unentertaining space exploration. NASA and JPL need to hire a good Hollywood producer or Apple’s ad agency: Chiat Day. They simply need better marketing and promotion.

Remember those Life magazine features during the Apollo years?  That stuff was amazing. It stoked the natural flame in all of us to support human exploration. We all want to know what’s over the next hill.  But sometimes NASA forgets that and leaves the human out of human exploration.

I’m not saying we have to send humans to Mars.  I am saying we have to humanize the Mars missions. We need context.  We need a modern day Walter Cronkite or Carl Sagan to say, “Holy shit!  Look at this! This is amazing! No! Really! Amazing! And here’s why it’s important.  And here’s why you should care.”

I suggest we start with a national media campaign staring celebrities, politicians, sports figures and regular people photoshopped on the Martian surface with the caption:

Got Life?



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Another Film by Me: No Experience Necessary

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I had to shoot, direct, edit and produce this myself.  Mostly because I couldn’t figure out who I had to fuck to get off this picture.

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