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Feline Future News #1: Tom Cruise’s Kitchen Nightmare

Check out my latest distraction from making a living below.  Produced by me and the fine folks at Ralph Smythe Entertainment (who did almost all the work while I slowed them down with executive notes like, “A kitten wouldn’t say that.”   If you like, please share.



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The One With Turtle Boobs

As all 14 of you loyal readers know, I do not draw Over the Hedge.  T Lewis does.

Nowhere in my script did I mention mammalian turtle boobs.  T drew those puppies all on his own.

Now, I don’t have anything against turtle boobs mind you.   I mean we all have our thing.   I’m more of a leg guy.  Human female leg guy.  But if T’s into the whole terrapin ta-ta thing, who are we to judge?  I mean,  he’s almost certainly not alone.  There’s got to be all sorts of web sites for the discerning reptile breast fetishist.

I just checked.  There aren’t any.

T is alone.


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No One Eats Puppies for Thanksgiving

Over the Hedge

Top ten things no one will eat for Thanksgiving?

10. Kittens
9.  Goldfish
8.  Baby Seals
7.  Parrots
6.  Sea Monkeys
5.  Whales
4.  Dolphins
3.  Baby Condors
2.  Baby Polar Bears
1.  Squirrels

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Bolivian Rainbows

Over the Hedge

A squirrel with a branch growing out of his head.  A talking flower.  Photosynthesis. Puppies. Rainbows. Bolivia.  And to top it all:  the economic theory of comparative advantage. 

You gotta admit…  not a lot of comic strips would even attempt to toss that concept salad into something remotely coherent.  

Over the Hedge:  We throw EVERYTHING at the wall until something sticks.

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