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Two Christmases in One!

Hedge121518Hmm… Christmas pie.


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Butt Brains

Hedge05142018There’s some debate whether I got this correct. It’s true that cynodonts are common ancestors of reptiles and mammals. But turtles may have a divergent path that goes back further than cynodonts. Anyway, like all of us, we’re related somewhere. Carbon based life forms have at least carbon in common.

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Attention Deficit Discord

Over the Hedged

You have to be a sort of dick to be a cartoonist.  For instance, I could spare Verne the constant and unrelenting humiliation of never being listened to.   But it wouldn’t be very funny.  And you wouldn’t be here now.

I don’t want to be a dick, but you made me do it.  It’s all your fault.  Are you happy?

Over the Hedge:  Passive-aggressively resenting our audience since 1995.

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