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The One with Verne and the Electrostatic Properties of Lint



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January 25, 2019 · 12:53 pm

Alan Arkin > President Cheeto

hedge012419The Kominsky Method is hilarious. Mike-Bob says check it out.

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Thumbless Freaks of Nature

Over the Hedge

I think good comedy is pretty much all about reaction.  If you watch a good half hour comedy like The Office or Parks and Recreation, you’ll see that almost all the really funny  parts are reaction shots.  Dwight’s, “Uh-oh.” reaction to DeAngelo’s cake mauling last night was priceless.

And RJ and Hammy’s reaction to real world versions of themselves is perfect (IMHO).  Again, I write these and immediately forget about them until I see them a few weeks later.  So, they’re almost as fresh (and occasionally funny) as they are for you.

Today’s cartoon made me laugh out loud.

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