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Comedy is Stinky

oh140804According to RJ, Rick Perry spends a LOT of time in the bathroom.


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Deep in the Flesh of Texas

The ants that bite are red and bright
Deep in the flesh of Texas

The prairie mounds – are wide and high
Deep in the flesh of Texas.

Rick Perry shoots – and hits his boot
Deep in the flesh of Texas.

And now he limps –  like a wimp
Deep in the flesh of Texas

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The Wild Bore of Texas

In case you were wondering, I didn’t know Hammy could spell until I asked him to.

Time travel, air hugs and excellent verbal skills – is there anything Hammy can’t do?

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The Fight Against Deer Annie

Did you enjoy the debate last night?   I did.  Really enjoyed watching Perry double-down on Social Security as a Ponzi scheme.  And the science not being solid on Global Warming.   And he’s never struggled with risk of executing an innocent person. And WTF was he trying to say about Galileo?

Perry’s peaked.  Huntsman may catch fire as the only electable one of the bunch… but probably not.

Romney looks like he’ll be the last lamb standing.



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Oh Happy Bidet

Please continue to check out the running comments at gocomics.com.  Nice civil discussion.   Perhaps the trolls have run off down the low road.

Every time we do politics we catch a bunch of flack that Hedge is not a political strip and how dare we ruin your Lucky Charms and V8 with our pinko-lefty drivel.   And to that I reply:


First off, we’ve always done politics – just not all the time.   Second off, politics is a part of life and I think Hedge has been pretty consistent in commenting on life.   Third off,…



Blog views go UP.  Gocomics subscriptions go UP.  Twitter followers go up.  Facebook friends go UP.  Comments, here and at gocomics go UP!  Way up!

So, if I’m an observant and opportunistic capitalist (which I unabashedly am dear Repubs) shouldn’t I give you more of what you so obviously want?

Guns or Butter?  Hammy or Hogs?

Be careful what you want.  You just may get a lot more of it.


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Where the Wild Things Ain’t

I love how Rick Perry describes Texas as some sort of “Lord of the Flies” island of misanthrope Milton Friedman’s.  Each of us hacking an entrepreneurial path through the wilderness while eschewing all entreaties of help or support —  fortified solely by the fermented sweat of our brows.

Today’s headline: Central Texas Wildfires Prompt Perry to Request Natural Disaster Relief.

Texas:  It’s Like a Whole Other Country.*

(*That Pretends We Don’t Need Each Other. Until We Do.)

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Dick Scary for President

Yeah, we’re going political this week.   T hates this stuff, but I can’t help but take a swing when a target as big as Governor Hair tees himself up.  From threatening to secede to loudly promising to turn down stimulus funds (until he quietly accepted them), Rick Perry is a monument to Texas chutzpah.

He’s running for President using the tried and true strategy of kissing the base’s ass until he gets the nomination and then sprinting to the center as fast as he can.  The problem with Perry is it’s a long, long sprint from where he is right now on the far right.  In a race to the center, I think Obama’s got a huge head start.

So, if this stuff gets your thong in a twist (is that possible?), sit out the week and read Fred Basset.   Rest assured we’ll be back next week with our regularly scheduled nonsense.

(Note:  for those of you with stronger constitutions, you might check out the comments on our gocomics page.  One reason I like to go full politico is that it certainly gets the readers riled.   25 comments so far today is a new record).


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