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The Mad Furry Genius

Hedge08102017Yeah, I know you know the butterflies are around as a back up. Rest assured, I’m not messing with Hammy’s safety.


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Cluck Fu

Hedge03112017Actually, chickens are pretty tough and can protect themselves as long as they have a coop to retire to at night. But, of course, that wouldn’t be funny.

I never let facts stand in the way of a deadline.

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Driverless Cars Aren’t New

Over the Hedge - oh160626comb_ht.tif

Over the Hedge

We’ve had driverless cars for years. Check your mirrors.

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Casualties of War

oh151121I like RJ’s image with his arm’s crossed. Cool beans.

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Twinkies Stay Bouncy in Liquid Rock

oh130710I’m happy to see Hammy in safety goggles and oven mits. I didn’t write that in the script, but T caught it and made sure Hammy was up to OSHA comic-strip regs.

T’s always been a safety-first kind of cartoonist. Me? Not so much. Gets in the way of the funny.


Another falling cow just crushed Verne.

T says to stop laughing.


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The One With a Performance Enhancing Hug

I don’t think anyone’s going to want to outlaw PEH’s.

Just a hunch.


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The End of Fun

It’s a wonder I survived my childhood.

I almost drowned a couple of times.   Once, in the ocean off Laguna Beach in 1968, I got wiped out by a wave while body surfing and just didn’t come up…  for a long time.   Scared the shit out of me.

I never broke any limbs but I did taste bug spray once.  You know, just to see what it taste like.  It doesn’t taste good.

Thank you, evolution.

I never rode in a car seat.  I never wore a seat belt until I was in High School and driving on my own.   I never wore a helmet while riding a bike or skateboarding or tree climbing or getting the crap beat out of me by some huge 6th grader that didn’t like the way I tied my shoes.

Yet, I survived.  With some slight brain damage.  But I survived.

Of course, with my own girls I made them wear seat belts and helmets.   But, in the back of my mind, I wonder if they’re overly reliant on safety measures.   I know for a fact my oldest daughter will not eat anything that’s sat out overnight.  She quotes me chapter and verse on bacteria counts and mold colonies.  Me?  I know from vast experience that pizza doesn’t really go bad for at least three days.   How do I know this?  I’ve eaten four day old pizza.  And I’ve paid the price.

I learned from personal experience.  My kids learned from virtual experience.  I learned not to eat bug spray because it tastes bad.  They learned not to eat bug spray because,… well, because there was never a can of bug spray within three miles of them.

Now, I’m worried they’ll taste bug spray because they never got a chance to as kids.  Girls, please don’t taste bug spray.  It’s not a good idea.

Trust me.

I know.




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