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Broke Beak Mountain

oh130802The nudity on page 3 is ALWAYS necessary.

Sheesh. Ducks don’t know anything.



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Spud of Evil

This isn’t exactly what I wrote, but it’s close:

Hammy stands about the same distance as he is tall from the chip.
2 parts.  Top middle and bottom:
Top:  Hammy falls forward to eat the chip (mouth open)
Bottom:  Hammy hits the edge of the chip  which sends it flipping backward over. 
Bottom:  Chip stays in foreground as Hammy starts rolls away down a hill screaming.

Chip:   Giggle. 
Same POV as third panel.  Chip still where it was.  RJ and Verne.  RJ holds his foot up, inspect it.  Hammy further away. bouncing in the distance,  screaming.  

RJ:  I just cut my foot on a chip

V:  They use way too many preservatives these days. 

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Good Morning Hammy

The idea here was that Verne is kept up all night by Hammy and finally goes to sleep ten seconds before sunrise.  T has Verne asleep in the second panel.

Okay, we’re going back to roughs.  Too many mistakes.  Too much confusion.

Too much rope for T to hang himself.

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Top 5 Reasons Squirrels Are Superior to Humans

Over the Hedge

Interesting interpretation by T of my script below:

Sunday  5/22

Graphic:   Top Five Reasons Squirrels are Superior to Humans
5.   Furrier.
(Hammy stands next to a naked (covering himself) man shivering.   Hammy is wide eyed, hands covering his mouth in mock shock.
4.   Less Stress
Hammy lays on a float in a hot tub.  He raises his sunglasses to see same man in suit and tie with a brief case looking down at him.
3.   Can Eat Anything.
Man holding a yogurt in front of an open fridge.  Inside, Hammy sits with his entire head is inside an empty jar of mayonnaise.
2.   Can Fly
Same man in car in the middle of a traffic jam looks up to see Hammy, suspended by several butterflies, flying past
1.   Huggy-er*
Same man standing at a BBG.  He looks down at Hammy hugging his leg.  The man holds a pair of open tongs in one hand, that he’s raised up (as though in surprise).   A hot dog falls behind the man from the open tongs.   Hammy has won hand arm outstretched to catch the hot dog.

*And Smarter

As you can see I have almost nothing to do with Over the Hedge.  It might be time to stop working so hard.

Over the Hedge:  Suggested by Michael Fry and Re-imagined, Rewritten and Illustrated by T Lewis


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Preschool Mutant Ninja Squirrel

Over the Hedge

This one doesn’t quite work.  Let’s start with the actual script I sent to T back on 8/30 for this one:

Sunday  10.10

Verne sits on log.  RJ in hammock watching TV.
Verne hops up like he’s been goosed.

SFX:  Zing!

V:  Ooo!
V:   You feel that?

RJ:  What?
RJ rises out of the hammock like he’s been goosed.

SFX:  Zing!

RJ:  Whoa…

V:  That.
V:  It’s like one second your sitting here reading about corns and the next you’re….

RJ:  …Feelin’ groovy.
Pull up to the tree above looking down.  We see Hammy, in full NINJA outfit, hiding in the tree.  His splayed, arms and legs outward, with his back to the tree trunk.  He’s on the opposite side of the tree from RJ and Verne.

V:  Weird.

RJ:  Spooky.

H (to audience):  Feel that?

SFX (from O.S.):  Zing!
H (to audience):   Ninja hug.
H (to audience):  You’re welcome.

(note.  I feel like the last three panels need to be separate for emphasis.  Like there’s a little beat beating each one)

So, T drew pretty much exactly what I wrote.  I think it gets lost in the penultimate panel.   The idea was that Hammy stayed still and the hug (because he’s faster than the speed of light) happened off stage.   In fact, T interpreted the goosing as the physical act of Hammy hugging RJ and Verne — when my intent was more of a quick, “what was that?” sort of thing that happened so fast you wouldn’t see it.

Probably, if we did roughs, I could have corrected this.  But we don’t because, well, you know, that would put an extra day or two between us and our deadline and who wants that kind of buffer?

Over the Hedge:  Always a surprise inside!


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The Wasabis Revolt

Over the Hedge

What do you do when you don’t know how to end a silly story line?  You cheat, break the fourth wall and have your characters wink at the audience by refuses to participate.

Except for Hammy.  For whom there are no walls.

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