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Pistil-Packin’ Mamas

Over the Hedge

The comics page has been culturally stuck in the 1950’s for decades.  Because of this there’s a whole host of things you’re not supposed to write about:  mainly religion, politics and sex.  For years I’ve heard people say things like, “Having limits makes you a better writer,” or, “When you can say anything, you mainly end up saying nothing.”  Mostly, this is a lot of self-serving crap from syndicate editors and newspaper editors that don’t want to deal with fossilized readers who have nothing better to do than complain about my using the word, “dork”  (true story).   But…

Today’s comic is an exception to the crappy rule.  Birds, bees, flowers, pistils, stamens — the thing is practically comics porn. Don’t-squeeze-the-Charmin-super-soft comics porn to be sure.   But, thinly disguised comics porn nonetheless.   And, pay attention, ye-old, blue-haired ladies of lament:   It gets rougher later in the week.  

Cue cheesy 70’s synthesizer Theme from Shaft soundtrack:

What’s the season with the power 
That’s a sex machine to all the flowers?
Ya damn right!


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