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Fair Weather

Hedge10062017Did you enjoy RJ as the victim this week? I’m sure you did. We all grieve for Verne. Even me. But don’t get used to it. We can occasionally twiddle the creative knobs, but we can’t flip a switch and upend the strip.

We all wanted Charlie Brown to kick Lucy in the head instead of the football. But he never did. Ever. Why? Because he would stop being Charlie Brown. And then the universe would end. And it WOULD ALL BE YOUR FAULT YOU SENSITIVE SNOWFLAKE YOU!

So, I expect a cow to fall on Verne very soon.

For sake of the universe.



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Catch a Falling Break

Over the Hedge

Breaks are hard to catch.   Think of Marino Rivera pitching boomerangs.  You have no idea where they’re coming from.

And please don’t try to catch a break with your teeth.

Unless you have a really good dental plan.

I’m now out of strained literal analogies that torque into random silliness.

That is all.



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Snow Clones

Over the Hedge

Nice Sunday.  We’ve done this giant snowflake crushes Verne gag many times.

I guess you could say Verne is a slow visual learner.


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