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Enter the Drone

oh161012Don’t over think it. A spatula is a funny utensil.

It just is.


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Spatula vs. Spatula

Over the Hedge - oh160710comb_ht.tif

Over the Hedge

Awesome job by T with “Smek” the go to onomatopoeia for spatula sparing.


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oh150922Yes, I know, all the dialogue is all caps.  It’s called cartoonist’s license. As in, I have a license to do whatever I want.


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Cartoon Jeopardy

oh140901Hammy’s avatar is a spatula. Of course it is.

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The One With a Triple Wow-Cow and a Ha! Cha-Cha-Cha!

oh130115For those who are not familiar with the sport of spatula figure skating, eleventy seven is an excellent score.

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Always Live Your Life As Though RJ and Verne are Watching

Years ago I got an email from a guy who thought I was stalking him and chronicling his life in my strip.  It didn’t matter that he lived thousands of miles away.  Or he wasn’t a raccoon, a turtle or a squirrel.  He was convinced I was writing about HIM.

I told him, “Dad, it’s not always about you.”


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Probing Suburbia

Over the Hedge

I think UFO’s are real.  I mean, maybe they’re not aliens, but there’s something going on.  Too many unexplained sightings.  What I don’t get is why the sightings are all so similar.  No one ever sees a a flying spatula or a blinking artichoke.  It’s always a saucer or cigar shaped (aliens have penis envy?) or a row of blinking lights.

Here’s my theory.  UFO’s are inter-dimensional or alternate-universe voyeurs.   They zip in to check out the human zoo, get bored quickly and zip out.  I said it’s a theory.

It’s either that or like one of my favorite Far Side cartoons, they’re here to pick up their buddies:


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