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Ice, Ice, Hammy

Hedge02132017Forgive me if I’ve used this title before. I think we’re working on about cartoon 8,217. Details get sketch after awhile.

Stay warm!


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You Can Never Have Enough Spit

oh150316Verne’s head is a screw top?

Tre classy.


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We get our water from a well that taps an aquifer 400 feet below ground.  It’s fairly hard (high mineral content), but it tastes good and it’s clear and clean. There’s no flouride, so I’ve gotten my first cavities since we moved here 15 years ago.  It’s not treated, so no chlorine.  We used to be on a different well that taps the same aquifer that got infested with cave crickets clogging the intact pipe.

I guess you could say we’re drinking cave cricket spit.

Really clear and clean spit.



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