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A Hug Is Not Duct Tape, It Can’t Fix Everything

Hedge100918Those little droplets coming off Verne’s head are called stresslets.

I may or may not have just made that up.


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Tree Hugger

oh130124Someone should make a kid’s sized plush Hammy with outstretched hug-ready arms.

Yup. Someone should do that.



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This Is Your Pancreas on Pixie Sticks

Pssst.  RJ’s had an insulin pump since 2002.  Right after that Yoo-Hoo and Pixie Stick binge during a Family Ties marathon on TV Land.  He passed out and woke up with the pump.  Some say it was a gift from the gods.  Others suspect a persnickety reptile with some surprising heretofore unknown surgical skills.

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