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Hedge04092017Nice job by T today. Love the C-cup mice and the bunnies. The espresso machine is nice too. Other than noting that Hammy should where his underwear on his head, this is all T.



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The First Week of Over the Hedge Started 20 Years Ago Today

Below is the first week of Over the Hedge which debuted on June 12, 1995 in about 50 papers. It’s been a LONG, strange, trip made all the more entertaining and memorable by my collaboration with the great T Lewis, illustrator of all things Hedge. Here’s to 20 more. Enjoy.



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RJ Gets His Priorities Straight

oh150428 Verne looks off model in panel 2. Some sort of temporary nasal enlargement issue. I’ll have to discuss this with our sweat shop Latvian team of toddler cartoonists (tiny hands for tiny strips). And here you thought T Lewis was an actual person.

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Welcome to the Pain and Horror Allergy Season

T’s keyman is inspired.  Better than I imagined.*

*For those of you keeping score, this is an example of me being complimentary about my partner.  Since I often rag on him, I like to point out when I’m being nice.  He’s extremely talented and probably should be doing his own strip free from the likes of me.  He deserves his share of the single watt flickering spotlight we share.  And when he gets his own blog he can have it.

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A Kinder, Gentler, Less Low Brow Over the Hedge

Full Disclosure:  today’s Sunday was written by T.  I’ve been buried in the final push to finish my kid’s book and T’s chipped in by writing a few Sundays.  Today’s cartoon is a nice, safe, solid, right-down-the-middle, inoffensive, everybody-can-relate cartoon.  As opposed to the risky, left-field, almost always offensive to someone, niche-y, only-oddballs-can-relate stuff I write.

I pretty much swing for the fences and strike out a lot.  But when I connect it can be pretty special.  I appreciate those of you who hang around for the fireworks — sporadic though they may be.

In the meantime, enjoy a kinder, gentler, less head-scratching Over the Hedge.

It won’t last long.


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Ham in a Can

This is shaping up to be a fun week (or two). T’s doing a great job. This might have something to do with the fact that there are hardly any words and he has a lot more room to draw.  Maybe.

But probably not.



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Introducing the Semi-Portable Electrocution Device


It was not my intent for Hammy to be running toward the hot tub.  My partner T Lewis draws the strip and he’s obviously jealous of Hammy’s fame as has decided to do away with him.

Fortunately for Hammy I clearly wrote that the cord was too short.

Hammy knows who his friends are.



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