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Born to Scratch

hedge03042017Oh, relax. There’s so few things left anymore that guys can call their own.

Give us a break. We need this one.

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The One With @FeliciaDay

oh150925 Felicia Day is an actress, singer, violinist, internet celebrity, creator/star of The Guild and New York Times Bestselling author. She’s also a really nice person I had the great pleasure to meet a few years back at SWSX.

And Verne has it on good authority that she really digs sensitive technology agnostic turtles.


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Shameless Self Promotion

oh150924In for a penny, in for a pound.

The Naughty List is now on sale everywhere. Almost half off on Amazon. It’s funny, weird and fairly politically incorrect. This is not your grandpapy’s Christmas story. You can check out the first three chapters free by clicking on the link on the sidebar.

The Naughty List: Are you on the list?


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They’re Going to Need a Bigger Umbrella

oh150923 This cartoon has a little bit of everything. Pop culture, politics, flying pigs AND implied flying pig poop. It’s smart and broad and witty and sophomorically scatalogical in equal portions.

In the other words: the perfect cartoon.

<mic drop>

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Apple is the New Sears

I’ve never owned a PC.  Apple all the way since I bought a MacIIc in 1989 ($4500!).  For the most part, as a graphics person, Macs have been superior and worth the price premium.

I no longer think that’s the case.

A couple months ago I bought the latest MacBook Pro to replace my five year old MacBook.  It’s nice.  It’s shiny.  It works.  But it still crashes occasionally.  There’s some weird Lion bugs with Word and Photoshop.  It has some sort of crazy RAM allocation thing where 4 gigs of RAM somehow gets used up when it shouldn’t.  Blazing speed becomes pedestrian once three or four programs are open.  Safari and Flash have some sort of Celebrity Browser vs. Player Death Match going on.   And neither is winning.

I hate to admit it, but my new MacBook Pro is probably not worth the extra $800 or so over a similarly equipped PC.  My iPhone4 and my wife’s iPad2 are still worth the premium.  And that’s the problem.

Apple is the new Sears.

A million years ago Sears sold pretty much everything through its catalog.  You could order a house from Sears.  Sears never made houses.  They just made it relatively simpler to get a house.  Or a washtub.  Or long johns.  Or whatever.

Today, the iPad is the catalog.  The web is the US Postal Service.

Some of you might say, ‘No, Amazon is the new Sears.”  Yes, Amazon sells a wider variety of things, but Apple has the better catalog.  And Apple isn’t going to just stop with selling (or charging a toll) for media. Some day soon you’ll be able to by all the long johns you want at the iSears.

And it’s too bad.  Because in 15 or 20 years they’ll get bloated and slow and arrogant (more arrogant) and all Microsofted and some new, new thing will kick their ass.

Style matters.  Substance matters more. Owning the toll booth matters most.

Until someone finally builds my flying car.



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Introducing the iHam

This is actually T’s rewrite of my original script (this time, we actually discussed it before he rewrote me).  My idea was for RJ to demonstrate an actual new fake iPad (empty frame).  T thought it better for RJ to come up with a new fake product (the iHam). The punch line is the same.

T was right.

Maybe if I continue to do a bad job I can get T to do all the writing.  Then I could just kick back and post to the blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Tumblr, and 16 other social media platforms where I desperately promote Over the Hedge to our rapidly fracturing super-nano-niche audience of several dozen (not including moms).

Never mind.


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