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RJ Declares a National Emergency

hedge012118This is a real national emergency unlike, you know, the phony one from Señor Cheeto Head.


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He Got Mr. Robot Eyes

oh160909I love, love, love, LOVE Mr. Robot. Terrific show. Very subversive.

Another great show, apropos of nothing, is Crazy Ex-Girfriend. Rachel Bloom is going to be a superstar.

Yes, I know I watch too much television.


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The Perfect Companion

oh141214Nice morphing effect by T.  Also, nice to see that he’s finally stopped drawing tube TV’s.  Welcome to 2008, T!

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Watching Bad

oh130725While Hollywood films have been struggling, television is doing just fine. Take Sunday night right now.  I watch True Blood, The Newsroom, The Killing and Copper.  All really good.  Or, really good when Aaron Sorkin allows someone to reel him in and protect him from his worst tendencies. Also, The Bridge looks promising. I can’t wait for Breaking Bad to come back. I know Walt’s going down, I just don’t know how.

Anyway, now you know I watch a LOT of TV.  When I’m, you know, not writing Hedge or writing and drawing Odd Squad or directing shorts or staring at the ceiling and twiddling my thumbs.

Thumb twiddling being the universal signal to attract the muses.

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Must Flee TV

Someday there won’t be 500 channels.  There’ll be one channel. Your channel.  Where you get to decide what you want to watch when you want to watch it.

One channel. Lots of shows. No networks.


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What Have We Learned Timmy?

It’s a standard axiom of every sit-com that there has to be a, “What have we learned Timmy?” summation at the end of each episode. It derives from the show Lassie and her (sometimes played by a him) owner Timmy’s penchant for falling down wells. Needless to say Timmy never learned much or else there wouldn’t have been a show the next week.

I strive to have a ‘What have we learned Timmy?’ moment in every Over the Hedge.  In today’s comic for example, Timmy will learn that garbage is nasty, those bio-hazard symbols are there for a reason,  and Sgt. Drago, your new rat army drill instructor at the dump has no patience with the fact that you left your Adderall at home.   Of course by next week Timmy will have forgotten all this when he forgets to clean his M-63 assault syringe and is thrown in the stockade made of rotting produce.

What have we learned audience? Not to click on links to obscure comic strips accompanied by meandering commentary?  Maybe.  Probably not.

See you next time.

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Twinkie Deathwatch: Day One, Brain Freeze

Yes, this is two week old news, but this is as fast as we can get to print.  Which must seem ridiculous for those of you reading online. But Hedge is still primarily a print comic, so our deadline fidelity is still to a dying horse-drawn industry in the age of instant cosmopolitans and microwave tater-tots.

The good part in all this is that RJ has been spared the traumatic news for two weeks.  Much like Cora, Duchess of Grantham on Downton Abbey last night was spared the news from the front that Matthew Crowley, the Earl in waiting, was missing in action.   Over the Hedge and Downton Abbey being, of course, so similar in scope and quality that it hardly bears mentioning.

Or as the Dowager Countess might  say, “Both to the manor born.  Though only one be born with manners. “


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