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Rules to Lord By

Over the Hedge

You can’t be a god without a few hard and fast commandments.  With the emphasis on few.  Too many rules is a bad idea.  You can forbid coveting your neighbor’s wife and your neighbor’s ass, but it’s gets picky (and frankly icky) when you forbid coveting your neighbor’s ass’s wife.  

Ten is a good round number for commandments.  But  in an age of on-demand demands even ten is too many.  Let’s see where we can cut.

1 (a).   I am the Lord they God.

This is more of a self-evident statement  than a commandment.  It’s like me saying to my daughter, “I am your father.”  And then my daughter saying, “What does that have to do with me needing a new bathing suit?”

1 (b).  There should be no other God but me.  

This is important.  Mark your territory.  Make sure Zeus, Ra and that slutty Summarian sorority of fertility goddesses knows who’s Big God on Campus. 

1 (c).  No false idols. 

Given #2, this is kinda redundant and more than a little insecure.  You’ve made your big move.  You’re now the Big Kahuna.  Do you really care Continue reading


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