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Eco Martyrs

Hedge05152017I can’t drink milk (lactose intolerance). But I can drink random nut eco-squeezings.  Which are sort of milk-like. But not really.

Getting old sucks.


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The One With a ?@#$!! Trash Panda

oh160516Apparently pandas and raccoons are related. Sort of like humans and the Khardashians are related.

Which is to say, not very.


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Verne Will Yoga You Up

oh130227I’m not quite sure what part of the country Hedge takes place in.  A few weeks back there was snow on the ground and now the suburbanite today is in shorts and flip-flops.

We may have to put together a story bible — a thick go-to guide to all things Hedge.  Stuff like whether Verne’s head will actually fit into a honey-bear container (apparently so) to why RJ doesn’t have a mouth (ask T).

When I say “we” should put together a story bible I don’t mean me.  I using the “writer’s we” as in, “We are too busy and we think T should do it.”

T will never do it of course. He has exotic cattle to exfoliate and  lullaby to sleep every night. Therefore comic confusion will continue to reign.

It’s too bad.  This strip might actually amount to something someday. I mean, if we ever got around to taking it seriously.





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Thumbs are Funny

oh130213An anthropomorphic comic strip without thumbs is like a Road Runner cartoon with consistent gravity.  You can do it, but it’s not very entertaining.

Just saying.

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