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It’s Raining Alpacas

oh160530This is what happens when a legitimate news story gets processed through my Cuisinart brain.

Though, to be fair, airedales polkaing would be fun to see.


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Have You Hugged an Alien Today?

Over the Hedge

I doubt aliens smell like cherry Starbursts.   Mostly because of the pine tree deodorizer hanging from their rear-view mirror. How do I know these things?

I could tell you but then I’d have to flash you.  I mean, with my memory eraser flasher thingy.  Not, flash you with my…

Look!  Batman!

[You look, see nothing, then turn back to see I’ve disappeared into the mist.  Cue strings sliding down into a dissonant chord]

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Fighter jets chase UFO down the M5

Vodpod videos no longer available.Why are all UFO videos shot by people who’ve had way too much coffee?   

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