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The Eyes Have It

Hedge07122017Yes, the Over the Hedge subdivision is called El Rancho Camelot.


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One Router = One Soul


Yes, I know Al Gore didn’t claim to invent the internet. He clearly said he supported legislation that created the internet. Unfortunately, the Gore internet creation meme persists and I exploited this false persistance for a joke.

A tortured analysis of the cartoon sort of gives me the benefit of the doubt. You could read it to mean that Verne is seeking a confirmation from the tech support hell spawn of his assumption that Gore didn’t create the internet .  Of course, you could also read it to mean that Gore literally sold his soul to claim he invented the internet.  Or that all tech support is outsourced to hell.  Or that turtles walk upright. And talk. And have thumbs.

Over the Hedge:  Letting you have it your way since 1995.

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The One With the Abominable Snow Toad

I was going to include an abominable snow pig. But everyone knows there’s no such thing.  Snow pigs never achieve abominable status. The worst they ever get is a little cranky.

Over the Hedge: Maintaining a high abominable bar since 1995


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Death Gym 2000

Over the Hedge

Today’s cartoon is my modest suggestion for dealing with the child obesity epidemic.


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